Making it easier to update your Visited States Map

Dec 4, 2020

I always appreciate feedback from users of my apps. Recently someone sent me a note that it would be nice if they didn't have to start over every time they wanted to update their Visited States Map, and re-select all the states they've been to already. I agreed that would be a great improvement and updated the app to do just that. Now when you download, get a link, or share a map on Facebook, the states you've selected will be saved in your browser. The next time you visit the app they will be re-selected automatically so you can use them as a starting point when updating your map. Note that because the selected states are stored in your browser, they won't be available if you use a different browser or device the next time you use the app.

Check out the updated Visited States Map app and let me know how it works for you, and if you see any issues or have any suggestions of your own for improving the app.

Happy (and safe) travels!