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Campsite Alerts Released
May 13, 2022
I'm excited to announce that Campsite Alerts is now released and available for everyone to use!
Filtering added to Campground Map
Apr 10, 2021
You can now filter the campgrounds you see in the Campground Map app, helping you to more easily find the type of campground you are looking for.
Updates to Campground Map data
Jan 3, 2021
I've begun updating the campground data in the Campground Map app, beginning with adding Canadian public campgrounds, and updating all state park, COE, KOA, and Jellystone campgrounds in the US.
Making it easier to update your Visited States Map
Dec 4, 2020
Based on user feedback, I've added the ability for the Visited States Map app to remember your selections so you can easily update them in the future.
Major website update
Nov 7, 2020
I've just released a major update to the website. Existing apps have been updated and several new apps have been added.

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