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View an interactive online map showing campgrounds in the US, with links to reviews and more information.

About Campground Map

Years ago, the best way to find a campground near a destination you were interested in visiting was to look in campground directories. This approach had numerous shortcomings. The directories were often limited, not showing everything that was available in an area (such as state parks, army corps, and other public parks) due to their advertising model. The directories also gave biased ratings, again based on advertising, which didn't give a fair view of the quality of one campground versus another. But the biggest shortcoming I found was that it was hard to find all campgrounds in a given area. Since they were listed by city or town, you might miss a great campground in a nearby town that is still close to your destination. Given this, I decided to try two things. First I scoured the internet for all the public and commercial campgrounds I could find, resulting in a more complete list that also gave equal footing to public campgrounds. Next, I combined this data with Google Maps, so that it would be much easier to see where campgrounds were located in relation to each other, and also to a given destination. I also included links to more information about the campground as well as unbiased reviews.

I recently updated the data for every state park, Corps of Engineers (COE), KOA, and Jellystone campground in the US, so the information for these is very accurate and up-to-date (you can focus on these updated campgrounds using the filter in the app). I also have many more public and commercial campgrounds included on the map, but the data behind these is older and may not be as accurate. I am working to get them updated as well, so be sure to keep checking back!

How to use Campground Map

Zoom in on the map to an area you are interested in. Campgrounds will not be displayed until you zoom in close enough. You can zoom in using any of the following methods:

  • Double click on the map, use the mouse scroll wheel, or click the add Zoom In button on the map.
  • Click the search Search toolbar button or menu item and enter an address, city and state, or zip code and press enter to see campgrounds in that area.
  • Click the gps_fixed My Location toolbar button or menu item to see campgrounds near your current location. Note that your browser will ask you for permission to share your location with this website.
Campgrounds are marked with the following pins:
Commercial campground
Public campground
Click on a pin for more information about the campground. You can perform the following actions from the campground information popup:
  • Click on the campground's directions address to get directions to the campground.
  • Click on the campground's local_phone phone number to call them.
  • Click on the campground's public website to visit the site.
  • Click on the campground's email email to send them an email.
  • Click on the rate_review Reviews button to view reviews of the campground.
The following additional actions can be performed by clicking on their corresponding toolbar buttons or menu items:
filter_alt Filter Filter the campgrounds shown on the map. Only the selected types will be shown.

If you are wondering why only some types of campgrounds are filterable, it is because the information for these has recently been updated and should be very accurate. Others have not been updated in a while and may be less accurate, and as such are not included in the individual filters.
share Share Map Share your current map view with others.
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Feedback on Campground Map

I value your feedback! Contact me with any issues you find, or any suggestions you may have to improve this app. Thank you in advance for your help!

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